Thursday, December 31, 2009

Human-generated word disambiguation

Google is digitizing the world and opening its API to anybody.

Google is still the most comprehensive and most reliable search engine for any type of information embedded in the Web.

But “search is an unsolved problem. We have a good 90 to 95% of the solution, but there is a lot to go in the remaining 10%.”

It' s not me who is saying that. It's Marissa Mayer.

Right. There is still a big problem and that problem is that the input interface is archaic, Marissa.

Why do you stick to the old way of searching, like back to the 60's? (by the way, the pic shows the SMART system created by Gerard Salton, one of the fathers of modern information retrieval.)

Why don't you want to give more freedom to the users?

It' s surprising and frustrating.

In particular, you are still stuck to the notion of "computer-generated word disambiguation" as Autonomy is.

It' s really time for "human-generated word disambiguation", I can tell you my friend. It' s time to release the frustration that you have been hiding for 10 years, Marissa...

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