Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A method to improve significantly the search results.

A lot of people say that Bing made a great effort to provide users with a user-friendly interface...
but I have the feeling that they just put a big picture on the background of their landing page and that they only introduced a "related keywords suggestion" function on the left side.

From my own perspective, I think that Naver Japan has got a much better user interface, using massively Javascript and Flash.
This kind of flashy and neat interfaces is well appreciated by Japanese users.

Now, Google has recently released in beta version a next-generation technology for search, called "Caffeine". That seems to be just a renewal of their infrastructures and files systems.

If you want to improve drastically the search results, I think that the only way to go is to get much more information from the users.

However, this implies 2 questions to be answered:

1- how can you get a lot of keywords without making the user upset?
2- how can you process a rich query?

And I think that Ascot project has come up with a comprehensive solution...:)

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